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Welcome to Nanak Niwas

Gurdwara Nanak Niwas 8600, No.5 Road, Richmond is the third stage of the historical journey of Gurdwaras of Vancouver. First Stage was the gurudwara at 1866, 2nd Ave, Vancouver and the Second stage was Gurudwara at 8000 Ross Street, Vancouver.

In 1970’s due to some relaxations in immigration rules and due to the availability of family class visa , a large numbers of Sikhs immigrated to Canada to reside permanently.

Because of a big increase in Sikh population in a short period of time increase in the number of gurdwaras was quite natural and necessary.

Secondly a gap between the thinking of new comers and those living in Canada for three generations was not an unnatural. To avoid any ideological confrontation sons/grandsons of those Sikhs who came here in the beginning of 20th century decided to establish a new gurdwara to fulfill their religious needs. Pioneers and devoted families were contacted. After mutual consultations of donation of $5000 was made mandatory for each individual to be a member.

But this dream perhaps would not have been fulfilled, should the great philanthropist of our community Bhai Asa Singh Johal and his wife Bibi Kashmir Kaur Johal have not donated generously. Bhai Asa Singh Johal is known for matching the collective amount of Donation collected by the whole community for any good cause. The time he did that again.

In 1983 ten and half acres of land including a farmhouse was bought for $425000. The farmhouse was renovated to suit the needs of gurdwara and in March 1984 the day-to-day functioning of the gurdwara was started. By a matter of chance the first function at this gurdwara was the bhog ceremony of Sri Sahaj Ptah and Ardas performed in memory of the departed soul of Bhai Asa Singh Johal’s mother.